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Everyone has probably heard the term “false teeth” before. Until recently, removable dentures were not very comfortable to wear, nor did they have an aesthetic appearance. German dentists have been researching the methods of making removable dentures for several decades. All the knowledge gathered during their many years of research has been integrated by Ivoclar company into a single concept called “BPS”. This concept includes the procedures, materials and equipment for making dental prosthetics.

Patients today can obtain these functional, high-quality aesthetic prostheses at our clinic as well. The “new teeth” are completely different from unsightly traditional dentures. They can perfectly reconstruct aesthetic appearance and functionality and require virtually no adaptation period. Due to the unique manufacturing technology, the dentures are reliably fixed not only on the upper jaw, but on the lower jaw as well. Patients with these dentures are self-confident and do not feel any discomfort when speaking and eating.

Removable dentures are currently the most affordable type of partial and complete prostheses.

Benefits of removable dentures:

  • restoration of a beautiful smile in the shortest time possible;
  • modern materials make it possible to select a tint that fully matches the colour of a patient’s own gums and teeth;
  • long-term lifespan while maintaining the aesthetic appearance;
  • can be used at any age;
  • manufacturing speed;
  • can be used as temporary dentures as well.

Two types of removable dentures:

  • Removable partial dentures – used when several teeth are lost. They rest on the gums and employ additional fastening on the teeth.
  • Removable complete dentures – used when all the teeth are lost. They rest on soft tissues and are fixed by suction.

The procedure of making removable dentures:

  • diagnostics – making impressions, determining the bite, selecting the shape, tint and size of the new teeth;
  • tests of the prosthetics, adjusting the positions of the artificial teeth, checking the bite;
  • making, grinding and polishing of the dentures;
  • handing over of the dentures, checking the fit and fixation.

The care of removable dentures is very easy, cleaning with a toothbrush twice a day is sufficient. Soluble tablets (e.g. Corega) can be used for effective cleaning. They help to keep the dentures in good condition and are available in all pharmacies.

dSmile dental clinic offers you high-quality dental reconstruction in the case of the complete loss of teeth. You will be able to enjoy meals again and regain your self-confidence and a beautiful smile.

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