Total bite rehabilitation using ceramic veneers and crowns.

  • First stage- fotoprotocol and taking of impressions
  • Second stage -removing of the old metalceramic crowns a bridges
  • Third stage- implants instalation
  • Fourth stage – provisional veneers try-in (Skynconcept)
  • Final stage- Fixation of permanent restorations (ceramic veneers and crowns on teeth and implants)

Initial situation. Frontal view

Teeth before the reconsruction. Side view

Try-in of the provisional veneers in the upper jaw.  Skynconcept.

Fixation of full cramic crowns on central incisors. Rubberdam is used for the isolation of the working from saliva.

Post op.  Frontal view.

Bite after the reconstruction. Side view.

Bite after the reconstruction. The iclination of the central incisors is changed (right foto).

Pre   op                           Provisional veneers try- in                Post op