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Professional diagnostics and consultation with a dentist is a necessary initial step to ensure efficient and successful treatment.

The top priority of the founders and dentists at dSmile clinic is the quality of the services provided and an individual approach to the solution of each clinical case.

Modern diagnostic methods make it possible to detect dental and periodontal diseases in their initial stage, so it is possible to treat them quickly without the risk of complications.\

The initial consultation includes:

  • examination of the oral cavity;
  • a panoramic image;
  • computer tomography;
  • compiling photographic documentation;
  • making of diagnostic models;
  • preparing a detailed treatment plan, appointment dates and times, as well a financial budget agreed upon with the patient.

During the comprehensive consultation, the dentist will evaluate:

  • the quality and extent of previous treatment;
  • the state of the teeth and gums;
  • the extent of the treatment required;
  • conditions for implantation and subsequent prosthetics.

diagnostická prohlídka

Routine check-up

A visit to the dental surgery every six months should be an essential routine.

Diseases such as dental decay, periodontitis or inflammation around the tooth root often start inconspicuously and do not bother the patient in any way, so the routine check-up is essential to enable:

  • the prevention of problems or their detection in the initial stages;
  • the prevention of inevitable costs of expensive future treatment;
  • an attractive smile and fresh breath.

The examination includes check-up images, assessment of the oral cavity hygiene and its adjustment if necessary.

You can make an appointment for a professional examination and consultation with a dentist at dSmile dental clinic. The high level of services provided and affordable prices of dSmile clinic will ensure your satisfaction!

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