Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers / 500 EUR / 595 USD


A facet or veneer is a thin, elegant plate applied to the front part of a tooth. It allows:

  • the concealment of congenital and acquired enamel defects;
  • a change in the shape and size of teeth;
  • gaps between the teeth to be hidden;
  • the restoration of a beautiful appearance of the tooth row, providing a long-lasting attractive smile.

Indications for veneer application:

  • imperfect shape or size of teeth;
  • large unsightly fillings that spoil the smile;
  • discolouration of enamel after an injury, colourant impact, antibiotics;
  • stains or numerous cracks in enamel;
  • wide gaps between the teeth;
  • incorrect position of the teeth.

dSmile dental clinic offers various types of modern veneers, which, when applied, will provide a perfect smile, self-confidence and good humour!

Lumineers or “No-Prep” veneers that need no preparation

These are undoubtedly the best veneers that can be applied without first removing the tooth enamel. They are ultra-thin, with a thickness of just 0.2–0.5 mm. Thanks to Lumineers, you will have a beautifully natural smile without pain in just a minimum number of visits.

Main advantages:

  • eliminates the need to remove tooth enamel;
  • maximum preservation of dental tissues;
  • painless application;
  • highly aesthetic effect;
  • guaranteed long lifespan.

CAD/CAM Cerec technology

This is a modern technology for making crowns, fillings and veneers, which utilises computer modelling to provide an absolute precision fit and fast implementation during a single visit to the dental surgery.

Composite veneers

Veneers made of light-cured composite materials are made by the dentist directly in the patient’s mouth, i.e. using a direct method.

Veneers of this type can be made during a single visit to the dental surgery. These so-called “therapeutic veneers” are plates formed by applying composite materials to the front surface of the tooth. To preserve their original appearance and properties, it is sufficient to provide appropriate care and observe the dentist’s instructions.

Ceramic veneers

dSmile clinic can make ceramic veneers at a price that you will like. These veneers feature excellent characteristics that are as close to dental enamel as possible.

Main benefits:

  • the smooth, non-porous surface eliminates stains and withstands the effects of any colourants, including nicotine, coffee and tea;
  • thanks to its “microretention”, the veneer will attach better to the surface of the tooth;
  • natural appearance, highly aesthetic effect and a gloss that will not fade after a while, which is particularly important for veneers applied to the front teeth;
  • minimal removal of dental tissue;
  • long lifespan.

At our dSmile dental clinic we can make various types of veneers for any number of teeth. The result of our work is your lovely smile that will last for a long time! Qualified specialists, modern procedures and materials and fair prices are among our main strengths.

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