Wedding Smile

Wedding Smile / from 148 USD


A wedding is one of the most important and happiest events in one’s life. The bridal couple tries to look perfect on their wedding day – the suit, dress, hairdresser, make-up artist… And a crucial part of the day is a beautiful smile.

Wedding Smile” is a new service offered by dSmile clinic. In just one day, our dentists ensure that you have an irresistible smile to give pleasure to you and the people around you for many years to come. We believe that this service will also provide an attractive appearance to you before a meeting, business appointment, anniversary celebration or other important event.

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How long does it take to create a beautiful smile and what are the benefits of this service?

  • you can have a beautiful smile made a day before your wedding, business meeting or other important event;
  • modern procedures and digital technologies allow the creation of an irresistible smile in just a single visit;
  • the smile will not last “just a day”, but will give pleasure to you and the people around you for many years to come;
  • thanks to highly aesthetic last-generation composite materials and ceramics, your smile will be natural and irresistible;
  • the smile will not only provide you with an attractive appearance and self-confidence, but also pleasant memories when browsing through your photos and videos.

Variants of the “Wedding Smile”:

  • whitening of upper and lower teeth with Zoom 4 system will whiten your teeth by 3–4 shades;
  • SKYN Concept – covering upper or lower front teeth with ultra-thin ceramic veneers (CEREC) in just a few hours during a single visit;
  • covering the upper front teeth with composite veneers and whitening of the lower teeth during a single visit;
  • covering the lower front teeth with ceramic veneers and whitening of the upper teeth.


What can be done during a single visit to ensure a beautiful smile:

  • whiten the teeth by several shades;
  • change the shape of a tooth;
  • change the position of teeth;
  • repair carious defects, chips and cracks of teeth.

The price of the “Wedding Smile” service depends on the dental restoration procedures and materials used. At dSmile clinic we will choose the most suitable methods for correction and create an enchanting smile on your face in just a single visit!

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