“All-on-4/6” Dental Implants

“All-on-4” Dental Implants  8240 - 9200 EUR


Dentists from dSmile clinic offer a solution for patients who suffer from parodontitis or have lost their teeth for one or other reason. It is a solution that can change the quality of life: reconstruction of the complete tooth row in the upper and lower jaw on just 4/6 implants.

In 1998 Dr. Paulo Malo successfully reconstructed a patient’s tooth row using his own “All-on-4” "All on 6"  method for the first time. Since then, thousands of patients worldwide have been able to obtain a beautiful smile and “permanent teeth” thanks to just 4 implants.

“All-on-4” implantation technology

The “All-on-4” method consists of inserting 4 implants into a toothless upper or lower jaw.

The implants are inserted in an inclined direction away from anatomical structures, which means that they do not require bone augmentation.

When using the “All-on-4” implantation method, making and fixation of a temporary non-removable bridge prosthesis is done within 24 hours after inserting the implants.

implantát vše na 4

implantát vše na 4 do a po


This prosthesis restores the full tooth row and is intended for 6–18 months. A final dental prosthesis is made after that.

All-on-4 implantation: indications and benefits


  • absence of all teeth in one or both jaws;
  • a severe form of parodontitis;
  • significant mobility of supporting teeth or impossibility of their reconstruction.

Well-controlled diabetes is not a contraindication. All interventions in patients with diabetes carried out at our clinic have been successful.

all on 4 rentgen

all on 4 do a po

Benefits of the All-on-4 method:

  • possibility to reconstruct the entire tooth row in just 3 days;
  • does not require bone augmentation or larger surgical interventions;
  • highly aesthetic temporary and final structures provide beautiful smile from the first day after implantation;
  • firm fixation of the structure on implants, which is very important not only for communication, but also for eating.

aplikace implantátu all on 4

Bridge prostheses on implants are non-removable, so they require similar daily care as your own teeth. Detailed information about the care of your new teeth will be provided by the dentist straight after inserting the structure.

Stages and prices of “All-on-4” implantation

First day:

  • detailed diagnostics (DigitalSmileDesign, ArcusDigma axiograph);
  • CBCT examination (OrthophosSL Sirona);
  • consultation.

price: 238 USD

Second and third day:

  • implantation (Quattrocone, Medentika);
  • making and fixating of temporary non-removable dental prosthesis.

price: 6 142 USD

Fourth day:

  • checking the bite;
  • instruction on oral hygiene;
  • check-up panoramic X-ray (OrthophosSL, Sirona).

implantace all on 4

The implantation can be performed under general anaesthesia, as well as with analgosedation.

All the stages of the diagnostics and treatment are performed at our clinic.

The experts at dSmile dental clinic have been using the “All-on-4” technique with success. It will provide comfort and a beautiful smile on your face for many years to come!

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