Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings / from 53 EUR/ 64 USD


Making composite fillings is probably the most common procedure carried out in a dental clinic. The dental composite is a modern material that is cured by light. Due to its durability and aesthetic effect, the light-cured composite is successfully used to make fillings in both the anterior and lateral sections of the tooth row. Thanks to the magnification optics that we always use at our clinic, a strong bond between the filling and tooth can be achieved.

fotokompozitní výplně

How we make composite fillings at dSmile clinic:

  • a dental dam is always applied to the tooth to prevent moisture from entering between the filling and the tooth;
  • the filling is always made with the help of magnifying optics – magnifying glasses or a microscope;
  • during the process of making the filling, rules of adhesion protocol are followed (for bonding between the filling and tooth);
  • various shades of the filling material and special colourings are used to make sure the filling is not visible on the tooth;
  • the surface of the filling is thoroughly smoothed with silicone rubber and polished with a special paste.

Indications for making a composite filling:

  • tooth decay;
  • tooth reconstruction for making a crown;
  • repairing chips and fissures;
  • changing the tooth colour shade and shape (composite veneers);
  • closing tooth spacing (gaps between the teeth).

 zhotovení fotokompozitní plomby

Advantages of composite material fillings:

  • high aesthetic level;
  • long lifespan;
  • durability;
  • tight bond with the tooth that prevents the recurrence of decay;
  • absence of allergic reactions.

Use of magnifying optics when making composite material fillings provides:

fotokompozitní plomba - před apo

  • more thorough and gentler removal of carious lesions from dental tissues;
  • perfect bond between the filling and the tooth;
  • absence of pores in the material.

dSmile clinic uses only modern materials and state-of-the-art equipment in making composite dental fillings, yet manages to keep the prices affordable.

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