Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns / from 375 EUR / 446 USD


A dental crown is a structure that reconstructs the tooth on all sides, increases its endurance and protects it from cracking.

Dental crowns are made of modern and very durable materials that are also aesthetically pleasing. Such materials are ceramics and zirconia. Enamel removal and crown fixation are performed under a microscope and the workspace is isolated by a dental dam (insulating membrane). Thanks to this procedure, the crown will last for at least 15 years.

Indications for placing a crown:

  • tooth destruction as a result of trauma or tooth decay;
  • defects of the shape or colour of the tooth;
  • pathological abrasion of teeth;
  • the need to cover the teeth after nerve removal, endodontic treatment;
  • reconstruction of a dental crown.

aplikace korunky

Depending on the level of tooth destruction, the dentist will choose one of these three structures:

  • a crown
  • an inlay
  • an onlay.

zubní korunka

When a large part of a tooth is destroyed, placement of a crown is preferred. If the nerve was removed from the tooth, i.e. endodontic treatment was performed, the dentist will place a ceramic onlay on to the tooth and this will then protect the tooth from cracks and chips.

Types of dental crowns

Crowns made of zirconia are very strong and require minimal removal of dental tissue. This material does not cause allergies. One of the features of zirconia is low light penetrability, which produces excellent aesthetic results in dental prosthetics with colour changes or for teeth with metal pins. The aforementioned material is very strong, therefore it is used for making dental bridges and dentures for patients with bruxism.

Modern dentistry mostly uses ceramic crowns of the e.max material (lithium disilicate). The features of this material are similar to a real tooth. The light penetrates the ceramics like an enamel, therefore the appearance is similar to the pleasant appearance of natural teeth. And because the material is strong, it can be used for both front and side teeth.

We provide crowns in both zirconium dioxide and ceramics (lithium disilicate). Their price is relatively reasonable and their high quality will ensure that your smile stays beautiful for many years. These materials are used for making reliable, patient-safe and most aesthetically pleasing orthopaedic structures.

Prices of dental crowns

The price of a dental crown is determined by the material and technology used. In modern dentistry, it is currently quite common to use crowns of zirconium dioxide as well as ceramic crowns of lithium disilicate, so their prices are relatively low.

The most expensive type of dental crown is the crown made of zirconium dioxide covered with ceramics. These crowns are placed on front teeth when a significant change in tooth colour is needed. They are also used for making dental bridges in the anterior (frontal) section.

The most affordable are all-ceramic crowns or crowns made of translucent zirconium dioxide. These materials have been used in dentistry for more than 10 years and have gained a good reputation both for their durability and aesthetics.

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