Comprehensive Dental Care

Comprehensive Dental Care / price depends on the scope of work


Today we often hear the term “Hollywood smile” and see show business stars with magnificent radiant white teeth. In those cases, it entails a total or complete dental prosthesis (teeth replacement).

Total prosthetics is the aesthetic and functional reconstruction of the teeth with ceramic veneerscrownsinlays and onlays. The complete reconstruction of the tooth row will give the patient a beautiful smile and restore the function of the teeth, so subsequent visits to a dentist are only for check-ups and dental hygiene.

In this article we describe the comprehensive prosthetic procedure and its benefits in more detail.

Indications for complete rehabilitation:

  • full abrasion of the teeth;
  • presence of many fillings and old crowns that do not serve a purpose and do not meet the requirements for aesthetics;
  • destruction of supporting teeth;
  • presence of aesthetic defects – gaps between teeth, unsatisfactory shape and colour of the teeth;
  • small changes in the position of the teeth;
  • problems in the area of the temporomandibular (jaw) joint.

Stages of the comprehensive dental care:

  • performing computer tomography – the 3D image will provide detailed information about the condition of the teeth and hard tissues in the oral cavity;
  • photographs based on the DSD (Digital Smile Design) protocol – assessing the symmetry of the face and teeth, creating the digital design of the future smile;
  • performing comprehensive examination and creating health documentation;
  • bite diagnostics using the Arcus Digma II electronic axiograph (facebow);

  • based on the data obtained from the Digital Smile Design and the height of the bite, a technician will make temporary crowns and ceramic veneers and these are demonstrated to the patient;

  • after applying the temporary ceramic veneers to the teeth, corrections of shape and colour are made; based on the temporary crowns, final crowns are made as their copies; during the stage of temporary crowns and veneers, the patient takes an active part in reshaping his or her own smile;
  • preparation of the teeth, taking impressions or teeth scanning (CEREC technology);
  • making ceramic structures based on the temporary crowns;
  • fixation of ceramic veneers, crowns and onlays;

  • bite correction and final polishing.

Required time for dental prosthetics is individual and always depends on the initial condition of the teeth.

Benefits of total prosthetics:

  • ceramics will make your smile natural and irresistible;

  • restoration of aesthetics and functionality of the teeth;
  • adhesive fixation will combine the ceramic prosthesis and the tooth into a single unit;
  • work under the microscope ensures high precision in all stages of total prosthetic creation.

Complete reconstruction of the teeth and smile is very interesting for the dentist and also for the patient, who can take an active part in the process of changing his or her own appearance.

Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile will definitely give you an attractive appearance and self-confidence!

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