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Implantation… Over the past ten years, this term has become known to most clients of dental clinics. While previously we had to persuade our patients about the suitability of this procedure, today they themselves usually choose the insertion of high quality implants to replace missing or lost teeth. Thanks to these implants, it is not only possible to preserve an attractive smile and a healthy tooth line, but also to avoid using removable dentures.

There are many types of implants and methods of their insertion available. In this article, we help you to understand this extensive variety.

Types of dental implants:

  • zirconium – white implants
  • titanium implants
  • titanium-zirconium alloy implants.

Titanium – currently the most widely used and very comfortable implant. Its advantages are:

  • absence of allergic reactions
  • biocompatibility
  • load resistance to chewing.

An example is the Microcone implant by the German company of Medentika, which has proved successful during the 8 years of its use at our dSmile clinic.


An alloy of titanium and zirconium (Roxolid, Straumann) – it is an innovative solution by the Swiss company of Straumann. These implants have even higher tensile strength when compared with titanium implants. For bones with less volume, it is possible to insert smaller diameter implants without additional bone augmentation. An example of such implants used at dSmile clinic are the Straumann SLActive implants from the Swiss company of Straumann.

White implants from zirconium dioxide. Thanks to their white colour, these implants are the choice of patients with thin gums. In terms of strength, they are comparable to titanium implants, and their biocompatibility is even better. An example of such implants used at dSmile clinic are the Straumann Pure Ceramicimplants by the Swiss company of Straumann.


Implantation procedures

There are two basic procedures: immediate and delayed implantation.

  1. Immediate implantation represents a considerable advance in dentistry. Implantation and crown placement are performed immediately after tooth extraction during a single visit.

Advantages of immediate implantation:

  • use of natural bone reconstruction mechanisms during the healing of an implant;
  • shortening of healing time by at least 6 months;
  • only one surgical intervention;
  • placement of a temporary crown during the same visit (particularly important for the frontal section of the tooth row).
  1. Delayed implantation is done in the case of a previous tooth extraction, or no sooner than in 2–3 months after the extraction, when it is not possible to insert the implant immediately. This implantation technique also provides excellent results, but with a longer time delay.

Modern implantation procedures used at our dSmile clinic:

  • Shield technique or a method of implantation with partial tooth removal.

This unique technology was presented by a team of leading Italian and German dentists in 2011. The method is based on the partial removal of the tooth root, with the subsequent implant insertion at the site of the removed part. It is most often used for implanting upper teeth in the frontal section.

Advantages of the Shield technique:

  • thanks to the remaining part of the root, the bone and soft tissues are left in an unaltered state;
  • placement of a temporary crown during the same visit;
  • excellent aesthetic results;
  • minimal surgical intervention;
  • implantation without incision.

Dental implantation without incision is one of the minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Advantages of this procedure:

  • the patient has no incisions or sutures after insertion of the implant and placement of a temporary crown;
  • absence of swelling and pain after the intervention;
  • placement of a temporary crown during the same visit;
  • shortening of the healing time;
  • implantation is made with a template prepared in advance.

Tooth implantation has become a reality, affordable to everyone. dSmile dental clinic provides implantations at affordable prices.

After consultation and diagnostics, our highly qualified specialists will recommend the optimal implantation method for you.

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