Dental Treatment under Anaesthesia

Dental Treatment under Anaesthesia / from 140 EUR per hour


When most people hear the word “dentist”, they recall only unpleasant feelings retained in their subconscious since childhood. Because of these associations, patients postpone a timely visit to the dentist. Most people would prefer dental intervention to be done “offstage”, without them knowing it, but everyone would like the best results which last for many years.

Thanks to the advanced methods, modern equipment and top-quality materials, the teeth can be treated, replaced and implanted quickly, with high quality treatment and, most of all, without pain.

Our international patients have already been able to rightly appreciate the benefits of all dental interventions performed under anaesthesia within a single day. Not only is it very convenient, but it is also beneficial.

Dentists at dSmile clinic perform dental treatment and make dental prosthetics under general anaesthesia.

Interventions that can be performed under anaesthesia:

  • implantation;
  • dental prosthetics (dental restorations – crowns/inlay/onlay);
  • complete reconstruction of the tooth row using “All-on-4” implants;
  • bone augmentation;
  • plastic surgery of soft tissues;
  • tooth fillings;
  • root canal treatment.

Thanks to a team of 3 physicians, all the complex interventions, such as treatment of several teeth and their replacement by dental restoration or implant, can be performed during a single visit.

dSmile clinic provides several types of anaesthesia:

  • sedation (a sedative given 20 minutes before the treatment);
  • analgosedation (a combination of intravenous anaesthesia and sedatives);
  • general anaesthesia (intravenous anaesthesia).

Our professionals will choose the optimal anaesthesia, depending on your health and current state of mind.

Treatment under anaesthesia:

  • For our international patients, we prepare a comprehensive dental treatment plan and financial budget, based on a current (not older than 4 months) panoramic image sent by email;
  • Health documentation and preoperative examinations that are required for general anaesthesia can be performed at your place of residence and forwarded to us by email.

First visit (day #1):

  • all the required treatments, prosthetics and implants are performed.

First visit (day #2):

  • check-up examination.

The length of stay at the clinic is always individual, but a complete reconstruction of the teeth requires an average of 2-3 days.

Benefits of treatment under anaesthesia:

  • 3 physicians take care of the patient during general anaesthesia;
  • crowns are made using CEREC computer technology without the need for taking impressions;
  • making of one crown takes about 30 minutes;
  • implants are inserted using a template prepared in advance;
  • prostheses for implants are made in advance and applied on the day of the implantation;
  • a medical team of 3 members manage the complete treatment and reconstruction of the teeth during a single visit of the patient.

dSmile dental surgery uses reasonably priced German implants for implantation under general anaesthesia.

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