Root Canal Cleaning

Root Canal Cleaning / from 570 - 980 EUR


Sharp tooth pain, pain in contact with heat and cold, pain when biting all mean the need for tooth root canal treatment, or endodontic therapy. Root canal treatment is performed strictly under a microscope and a dental dam (insulating membrane) at dSmile clinic, which ensures the precision, quality and cleanness of this intervention.

Tooth reconstruction + final root canal treatment

Main indications for root canal treatment:

  • pain in contact with heat and cold;
  • pain when biting and the feeling of a raised tooth;
  • inflammation of the gum above the tooth, white spots or blisters;
  • swelling of the gum or face;
  • tooth injury.

An example of endodontic root canal retreatment (repeated root canal treatment)

Root canal treatment includes:

  • diagnostics with digital radiography or computer tomography;
  • removal of the nerve (pulp) or an old filling;
  • mechanical and chemical root canal cleaning;
  • making fillings using biocompatible materials: pastes with calcium – temporary filling, gutta-percha and bioceramics – final filling;
  • X-ray inspection image.

All the above-mentioned points assist in the prevention of complications after root canal treatment.

před a po ošetření kořenového kanálku

Benefits of root canal treatment at dSmile clinic:

  • we provide treatment of dental canals using state-of-the-art methods which are very different from the methods previously used;
  • the intervention is performed using computer-controlled anaesthesia;
  • the treatment of the canal under a microscope allows all the steps to be absolutely precise and of high quality;
  • we use innovative disposable instruments made from nickel and titanium alloys for root canal treatment;
  • only biocompatible materials are used for the filling of root canals.

čištění kořenových kanálků

Digital X-ray and computer tomography, use of microscope and dental dam, disposable instruments, biocompatible materials – all these significantly increase the percentage of successful treatments.

After treatment of the canal, the tooth (whether it is possible to be saved or not) is fragile. For this reason, the application of ceramic filling is recommended. This will ensure a more even load of the teeth and will help to prevent their breaking and cracking.

In the case of dental pulp inflammation or worsening of the chronic process, urgent treatment is needed. At dSmile clinic, your root canal will be given high quality, painless treatment.

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