Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction / from 53 EUR/ 64 USD


Thanks to modern methods and equipment, tooth extraction today is completely painless and non-traumatic.

For subsequent implantation it is very important to extract the tooth without damaging the surrounding bone and gums. Correct and careful tooth extraction can eliminate the need for future bone augmentation. Often it is possible to insert the implant immediately after the tooth extraction and thus eliminate further surgical interventions.

Advantages of tooth extraction at dSmile clinic:

  • anxious patients will be given a sedative;
  • computer-controlled STA system anaesthesia ensures a painless tooth extraction procedure;
  • the use of the Piezotome Solo II ultrasonic unit reduces the traumatic effect of the intervention;
  • Socket Preservation Technique – after the tooth extraction, the socked is filled with an absorbable sponge and sutured, which greatly reduces the risk of inflammation after the extraction;
  • implantation can be performed immediately after the tooth extraction.

How do you get rid of a wisdom tooth without pain?

Because of their placement, the wisdom teeth (“eighth teeth”) cause most complications during extraction.

How wisdom tooth extraction works at our clinic:

  • to identify the precise position of the tooth before extraction, computer tomography is first carried out;
  • wisdom tooth extraction is performed under a microscope, which ensures the precision of manipulation and reduces the risk of damaging the surrounding anatomical structures;
  • an ultrasonic unit is used to perform the extraction, so the intervention is safe and less traumatic;
  • after extraction, the socket is filled with a special collagen material and sutured, which significantly improves the wound healing rate.

Indications for tooth extraction:

  • the tooth cannot be reconstructed;
  • incorrect position of the wisdom tooth and its complicated eruption;
  • pockets of inflammation that cannot be removed by a non-invasive method;
  • significant tooth mobility;
  • orthodontic indications (for bite correction);
  • tooth injury.

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