White dental implants

White Dental Implants / 1071 USD


Several years ago, Straumann, the best-known European implant brand, introduced their white ceramic implants to the world. The Swiss company needed almost 10 years to develop them. The result of their long research and many tests is one of the most advanced implants that provides durability, aesthetics and biocompatibility which surpasses titanium analogues.

Ceramic implants are made from yttria-stabilized zirconia, which has been successfully used in prosthetic dentistry for many years.

Benefits of white implants:

  • perfect healing and biocompatibility with surrounding tissues;
  • absence of allergic reactions;
  • the polished ceramic surface prevents bacterial growth and reduces the risk of peri-implantitis (inflammation of tissues surrounding the implant);
  • thanks to a monoblock design (inseparable connection between the implant and abutment), the implant does not have any microsplits that could cause infections;
  • the polished ceramic ZLA surface will flawlessly integrate into soft tissues and guarantee healthy gums and a highly aesthetic appearance.

Indications for inserting white implants:

  • replacement of individual or several missing teeth in the anterior and posterior sections of the upper and lower jaws;
  • white implants can be used for patients who are allergic to titanium;
  • can be introduced in patients with thin gum biotype (where the dark colour of titanium implants would be visible);
  • reconstruction of the tooth row in toothless patients.

White implant insertion: intervention stages

  1. computer tomography (3D X-ray) for planning of the implantation;
  2. making a guide template for insertion of the implant into the correct position;
  3. inserting the ceramic implant and healing;
  4. scanning the implant surface, making the final ceramic crown and fixing it on the implant during a single visit (CEREC technology).

The price of white implants at dSmile clinic (1 071 USD or 22 500 CZK) is not such a large investment in your healthy and beautiful smile.

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