Addition / Augmentation of Dental Bone

Addition / Augmentation of Dental Bone / from 550 EUR


Implantation”, “osteoplasty” (bone augmentation, bone reconstruction, bone grafting), “gum surgery”… These were unknown terms for most people just 10 years ago. Today we not only hear them quite often, but the procedures that they define are part of the basic offer in most dental clinics. In this article, we tell you more about “osteoplasty”.

It is possible to increase the volume of bone tissue on both the upper and lower jaws. By the use of modern methods and materials, it is possible to reconstruct various bone defects in this way.

Advantages of osteoplasty performed at dSmile clinic:

  • Before the plastic surgery, computer tomography is always performed. Thanks to this, a 3D view of the defect can be seen and the suitable material and procedure can be chosen.
  • Like every other procedure, osteoplasty is carried out under a microscope. This ensures good results and lowers the risks of postoperative complications.
  • Thanks to modern equipment, such as the Satelec Piezotome 2 ultrasonic surgery unit and a microscope, a large osteoplasty (sinus lift) on the upper jaw can be performed through an opening of a mere 4 mm in size. The truly minimally invasive intervention completely eliminates postoperative sensitivity, pain and swelling.
  • High-quality modern bone materials assist in achieving good results.
  • The dentists at our clinic attend courses held by leading European specialists and permanently advance their knowledge.

Types of osteoplasty:

  • increasing the bone in width – this is a horizontal bone augmentation;
  • increasing the bone in height – this is a vertical bone augmentation;
  • increasing the amount of bone in lateral sections of the upper jaw is called a sinus lift (lifting the mucosa of the cavity); a sinus lift can be open or closed;
  • adding bone after tooth extraction;
  • for small defects, osteoplasty is performed together with the implantation;
  • for large bone defects, the intervention is performed before the implantation and requires some time for reattachment.

Modern osteoplasty techniques used at dSmile clinic:

  • Intralift – osteoplasty on the upper jaw performed through a small opening, using an ultrasonic surgery unit. The cavity in the upper jaw is covered by a thin coating (membrane), which is lifted by a stream of water from the ultrasonic tip. Artificial bone is placed in the space gained in this way. After the operation, the patient usually has no pain or swelling.
  • Tunnel technique – a “tunnel” or “pouch” is created between the bone and periosteum (tough thin tissue that covers the bone) and the bone is inserted in it. This technique is performed with minimal incisions, which ensures rapid healing of the surgical wound and the bone reattachment.

Materials used for osteoplasty:

  • xenograft – bone powder of animal origin (usually a young bovine bone);
  • autologous bone (your own) – the bone is harvested from certain parts of the jaw with a small scraper;
  • synthetic (artificial) bone material.

At our clinic, we use xenograft and patient’s own bone for osteoplasty.

The price of osteoplasty at dSmile clinic is usually determined by the amount of material used and the difficulty of the chosen technique. The price of osteoplasty ranges from 550 EUR.

Dentists at dSmile clinic will choose and perform the most suitable type of osteoplasty based on a lot of information, such as computer tomography, state of health, level of oral hygiene, harmful habits, etc.

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