Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery / from 650 EUR per tooth


Plastic surgery of mucosa or gums (soft tissues) plays an extremely important role in modern aesthetic dentistry and implantation. Dentistry uses the terms “white and pink aesthetics”. White aesthetics relates to teeth and pink aesthetics relates to gums.

Plastic surgery of soft tissues in the oral cavity is used in the following cases:

  • to cover wedge-shaped defects on teeth (exposed tooth necks);
  • to cover exposed roots (recessions);
  • to shape soft tissues surrounding the implants;
  • to cover change of colour on tooth necks;
  • to shape the profile of gums under a bridge (bridge prosthesis);
  • to improve smile aesthetics;
  • to create conditions for good hygiene near bridges and crowns.

Plastic surgery of soft tissues (gums) will ensure:

  • significant improvement in smile aesthetics;
  • stability of the soft tissues surrounding implants and protection against inflammation (peri-implantitis);
  • correct profile of the soft tissues under a bridge, which ensures good hygiene and protection from food entering under the bridge;
  • significant reduction in sensitivity of previously exposed roots and improved appearance of the teeth.

How is plastic surgery of soft tissues performed?

In order to perform the plastic surgery, a transplant is taken from the palate or rear parts of the upper jaw of the patient and moved to the required place.

The place from where the soft tissue was taken is then protected by a special pad that speeds up healing and significantly reduces unpleasant postoperative sensations.

An artificial soft tissue (MUCODERM) is often used for the surgery.


Advantages of having your soft tissue surgery performed at dSmile clinic:

  • the surgery is performed strictly with the use of magnifying optics;
  • during the operation, thin suture material and a special microsurgery instrument is used, which ensures fast healing.
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